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This week’s podcast episode invites you into the world of Unveil’s Integrative Healing and Growth Science as Victoria Fenton and Brace Harris walk you through why “mind-setting” your way through life is not the way to ensure sustainable success. This a GREAT episode for anyone who is interested in personal development, but also for Coaches – as Brace and Victoria take you into some deep areas of common misconceptions when it comes to effective coaching.

During this episode, your Master Coaches walk you through:

  • precisely WHY you cannot just use your mind to change your life
  • what you can use instead, and the integrated nature of taking care of oneself and one’s growth journey, which includes;
  • physical wellbeing and how the heal of our vehicles affects everything
  • how to use the mind and cognition in the RIGHT way to support progress
  • emotional embodiment and how vital it is the the expression of your reality in the present moment, thereby allowing you to truly experience the fullness of yourself
  • somatic patterns and imprinting – all of which must be assessed and integrated if you really want lasting change

For the first time ever, Victoria gives you what is essentially the roadmap she takes her Unveil Premier clients through. And, once again, shares deeply personally about her own journey to offer you an insight into what all of this really looks like in practice.

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