This Week’s Episode…

On this deeply personal and revealing episode, join Master Coaches Brace Harris and Victoria Fenton as they discuss the relationships we have with our bodies – and how to heal them.

The Unveil Team walk you through:

  • How we are taught by society to think about our bodies in such a way that it breeds judgment, shame and disconnection
  • How we can fall into the tendency to try and change our bodies to meet societal standards of beauty, and why this is nonsensical
  • The Health At Every Size movement and how it still negates to truly recognize the truth about the human body
  • What the human body really IS – and the power, and memories, it holds
  • How to view your body when it is doing something that you dislike, like holding onto weight or not putting on weight, or if you have an illness
  • How to see the body’s symptoms and manifestations as signals, and information

At this point, Victoria takes you on a journey into her world and her relationship with her body. She shares all about her personal struggles with body shape, size and chronic illness. She discusses her trauma history and reveals the precise consequence this has on her body today.

As ever, interweaved throughout these explorations and personal shares, the Unveil Team walk you through reframing your perspective on what the body is here to say – and how to truly work WITH your body to shift stubborn symptoms and heal from anything that troubles you.

This is a powerful episode and we hope you enjoy. If you know someone that would benefit from listening, make sure you forward this along to support them.

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