Introducing: Ellen Day

Ellen is the owner of Elite Laser Austin, Austin’s only laser therapy clinic exclusively dedicated to healing through laser therapy. In her practice, she supports professional athletes, weekend warriors, investors, elite youth athletes, doctors and surgeons, and everything in between, and offers post operative surgical care to speed up the healing process.

Ellen had an illustrious career in sales, working in oil & gas, tech, and finally in pharmaceuticals. She has used her knowledge of how the medical system approaches healing, combined with her own personal experiences of physical trauma, to create a process for her clients to heal their acute and chronic injuries in addition to speeding up post-operative recovery.

Ellen is passionate about educating people on the benefits of laser therapy. She loves helping the body to heal faster by utilizing light energy to activate the cellular regenerative process, and is on a personal mission to have post-operative care for patients be given as much consideration as surgical prep, to optimize patients’ post-operative healing experiences.

This Week’s Episode…

In a special in-person interview, our host Victoria Fenton sits down with Ellen Day.

This podcast offers an exploration of ALL of the above (and more!) as Victoria and Ellen discuss:

  • the science of laser therapy
  • applications and the results possible by adding laser therapy into treatment
  • the athlete population and the application of laser therapy into training and recovery regimens
  • Ellen’s history and journey to find laser therapy
  • Ellen’s own experience of illnesses – both her own and that of loved ones – which transformed her relationship to the art of healing and showed her how necessary therapies that assisted the human body were
  • Ellen’s personal mission with healing, laser and light therapy

And so much more.

Please enjoy this exploration of laser therapy and Ellen’s story. Go follow her on social media @elitelaseraustin and – and don’t hesitate to drop her a message to let her know what you thought of this episode.

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The book Ellen mentions in this podcast is Photobiomodulation and the Brain by Michael Hamblin.

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