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After a Christmas and New Year hiatus of difference – Master Coaches Brace Harris and Victoria Fenton are back in the weeds of complexity and depth: and this week tackle the Meaning of Meaning.

This episode begins with a clear explanation of how we – as human beings – are constantly attributing meaning to everything we experience, and that meaning itself completely transforms HOW we experience everything.

This episode covers:

  • how we attribute meaning, and why
  • everything is a fact coupled with an opinion and a value judgement
  • how meaning is different based on past experience, biases, society etc.
  • the power of how and why we attribute meaning
  • how to identify your own meaning and how to explore the power you have over the way you attribute meaning in order to transform the way you experience your life

This is a really cognitively expansive episode where we explore perception, reality, vibrational frequency, the cosmos, the quantum and so much more. Buckle up, settle in and be prepared to go on a whole excursion into the micro, the macro – and the magnitude of meaning.

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