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What an Episode, what a week, what a journey our Unveilers are on! This week, Brace Harris and Victoria Fenton are REUNITED! But, as they reveal on this Episode, not for long…

During this Episode Victoria discusses the challenges she has faced since being back in LA, and how this has caused her to ask deep questions and really come to terms with listening to the signals that the Universe has been sending. As such, this Episode becomes a discussion about how to listen to those signals, and follow the call that comes from the world around you towards where you truly need to be.

As ever, these kinds of processes to not lead to decisions which have no impact. In order to navigate through listening to the call, Victoria had to have some really challenging conversations, including ones with Brace.

They share how they, as a partnership, navigate through these challenging conversations, how they remain a stand for one another even when it would seem like they could turn against each other – and Brace shares how his mission has always been to come back to the table in the face of Victoria’s whirlwind.

This is a really revealing Episode, as ever. Victoria shares what’s underneath the latest round of decisions – and there are some HUGE announcements made about the upcoming Unveil Coach Training Certification, Victoria’s memoir (which is being released soon) and a new member of the Unveil family arriving in August.

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