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This episode of the Unveil Podcast is all about your mind – and how, instead of trying to push away or avoid thoughts, there really are ways to make your mind an ally, rather than an enemy.

The Unveil Team walk you through:

  • Our typical response to our mind chatter and how we usually behave when thoughts come up that are uncomfortable – and why we do this
  • How we identify personally with our thoughts and the way we think – and why we shouldn’t (and don’t need to)
  • The reality of the mind, and thoughts – how they are NOT the same thing, and the science behind where thoughts really come from
  • The process of moving into, through and beyond the default thought patterns that dominate our thinking
  • WHY to make friends with your mind
  • An in-depth rundown of HOW to make your mind an ally, with the step-by-step instructions on facing anxiety, overthinking, depression and overwhelm

This is a great podcast for everyone to listen to – because we all make enemies of our thoughts at times. During this deep and involved discussion, Brace Harris and Victoria Fenton really explore the territory of the mind-body relationship and how to align all of the elements of who we are, how we feel and what we think.


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