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Join us for a very, very special trio of episodes where Master Coach Victoria Fenton will walk you through Human Design, Gene Keys – and ultimately how to integrate them and use them in your life and, if you are a coach, in your work.

We begin today with Part 1 of 3 – an immersive deep dive into Human Design – a system for self-awareness, decision making and understanding how you move through the world.

If you have never heard of Human Design, don’t worry – Victoria breaks down all of the background, the origination, the way the charts work, what this system is for and how best to navigate it.

If you’ve heard of Human Design but want to learn more, this is perfect for you as Victoria dives deep into Type, Auras, Centres, Gates, Channels, Lines and even Profile. There is a LOT in this episode: it is the distillation of Victoria’s two decades working with this system.

Mentioned in this episode are:

  • Jovian Archive – download your free chart here as you follow along with the episode
  • The YouTube video where Victoria shared her screen and showed you Bodygraph details (the Manifestor Chart she used was our very own Brace Harris, by the way!) – with thanks to Alex Fraysse (of @healthypillars and @wearespellbound for being in the ring with Victoria on that occasion!)
  • International Human Design School – the official training centre for Human Design

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