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Join Brace Harris and Victoria Fenton as they offer a complete introduction to Trauma, including:

  • What is Trauma?
  • What are the different types of Trauma – and how no trauma is more impactful
  • The true impacts of Trauma
  • How well modern medicine deals with Trauma
  • Legitimised responses to Trauma and adaptive strategies which have ongoing effects in the adult life
  • Not over-diagnosing or “planting” trauma narratives
  • How to identify when Trauma might be running the show – what are the signs that Trauma is at work
  • How to actually heal and move forward from and with Trauma
  • Beyond coaching – what other tools might you use to support your movement through dealing with Trauma

People and things mentioned in today’s podcast: @emilywilliams – hosting the event that Victoria is going to in Austin and a great coach and mentor for successful and entrepreneurial women

@standtallchiro – Victoria’s Pasadena-based Gonstead Chiropractor

Dr Paul Conti, MD can be found online and is easily Google-able, though his latest book is a must-read for anyone interested in this topic and can be purchase anywhere books are found. Easy Amazon link here.

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