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Our Unveil Master Coach, Victoria Fenton, takes the lead this week as we navigate the terrain of human health and why inner work and personal development can directly alter physiological reality.

Led through this world by Brace Harris, Victoria shares about Functional Medicine and her history with that discipline.

They cover:

  • what Functional Medicine has become, from where it started
  • the human being is a complex system and whether there can ever be a ‘root cause’ for an illness
  • why everything comes back to the nervous system, and how that impacts how we can intervene in the realm of healing
  • how the inside-out game can mean that the best place to support your body is your mind, emotions or soul

This is a real insight into the work in Unveil Premier, as Victoria and Brace discuss the power, and limitation, of Genetics, Epigenetics, Biomarkers, Biometrics and Biohacking. Brace’s enthusiasm shines through as Victoria walks us all through the complex world of holistic human health and total optimization.

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