The Return of Will Rezin

Will is a mystic, philosopher, somatic coach & trainer, and trauma integration specialist who guides individuals on the often mystical and winding journey of waking up to their own aliveness.

Will integrates 21 years of inner work, esoteric inquiry, and cultural research with 13 years of professional experience in the healing arts. Everything Will does supports his personal mission to end human suffering, and his professional mission to bring trauma-informed care into the mainstream so that it can be available to everyone who needs it, without stigma or exclusion.

This Week’s Episode…

On today’s episode of The Unveil Podcast, Victoria Fenton chats to Will Rezin about the state of modern humanity. Taking the current situation in the UK, Europe, and then the rest of the world, as their jumping off point, this discussion takes you on a journey through the root cause of some of the world’s greatest problems.

Will and Victoria discuss:

  • The current situation in the UK (and globally) with energy poverty and massive increases in household bills, coupled with the latest selection of a new Prime Minister and Cabinet… that nobody seemed to want to lead
  • The factions that are being set up wherein conversation and healthy debate has been lost to arguments and mudslinging, and the lack of intellectual debate coupled with the promotion of ‘dumbed down’ culture
  • The policing of free speech, in pursuit of political correctness – and how our ability to be in contact with reality is being hampered by our need to not fall prey to cancel culture

This is a conversation from the perspective of two people who work with human beings, and have made a life’s study of the complexity of the human condition. Therefore, Will and Victoria move into commenting on:

  • WHY this is happening
  • Where these themes are coming from
  • What this says about our cultures, and humanity – and what the prognosis is if things continue without changing
  • The solutions (potentially, and hopefully) to the divisiveness and extremes

Given Will and Victoria’s work: this is a conversation about trauma, suppression of emotions and the policing of thought – and it is a discussion about the underlying mechanisms and the bedrock of fear upon which all of these patterns are built.

Please enjoy this wide-ranging and bold conversation as Will and Victoria shine a light on the pain, suffering and trauma at the heart of how modern humanity is showing up.

Please go and follow Will everywhere he can be found! He’s such a stand for trauma education and trauma-informed care within the notoriously unregulated coaching space – and his work is inspirational, powerful and deeply needed.

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