Full Case Review


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Full Case Review

Before your session, we will review all historic test results, doctors’ reports and any information you have. During your 2 hour session a full case history will be taken, and your consultant will go over their findings from all of your submitted reports. A comprehensive 360 degree treatment and care plan will be designed and provided for you after your appointment.


At Aletheia, we are often sought by those who have a long history of seeking assistance for their chronic health complaint. A Full Case Review is for those who have extensive test results available, and/or have multiple doctors’ (including Functional doctors) reports that they would like to have reviewed as part of their consultation.

We will go over your existing information in depth, along with any additional supportive information about your history, prior to your consultation. You will then benefit from 2 hours with your consultant during which they will go through your history, discuss what they have seen and conclude from the test results, and support you to understand their proposed plan of action for your healing.

After your consultation a comprehensive report will be provided detailing the Aletheia suggestions for onward healing progress.

Don’t know if this Service is for you? Book an Introductory Call with us and if you choose to go ahead with any of our services, your initial call fee will be credited to your next appointment/package with us.


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